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The Miami Regionals Career Community program helps you find your path. Our degrees are organized into Career Communities, or groups of related majors. Within each group, there are sets of courses and learning opportunities that prepare you to explore your talents.

Your Career Community will help you:
  • Make informed choices about future possibilities
  • Find a direction of study or major very early in your college experience
  • Create a plan to achieve your goals
  • Avoid unnecessary classes
  • Gain support from academic and career advisors who monitor your progress
  • Connect with students who have similar interests and network with alumni in your chosen career field

For additional support and guidance as you choose a major, learn more about Pre-Major Advising.

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After completing the quiz, you'll receive a list of majors at Miami University that could be a good fit for you. These suggested majors can help you start developing career goals!

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Check out the descriptions for each Career Community to see which one would be a good fit. Your major will help you get started, but your career won't always depend on your major! Choose your Career Community based on your personal career goals.

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If you haven’t settled on a major or career path just yet, you can still join a Career Community! Our short quiz will help you decide which Career Community to join. 

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